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Eye of the Storm, Marion County, Kansas, 1986
This is one of my earliest images. The two reasons it is special to me have nothing to do with the photograph itself. The first, is that this was one of two particularly memorable backroad excursions with my parents. We were staying the night at my grandparents place on Marion County Lake. This was before everyone had radar on their phones. We were caught in storm that seemed like a tornado waiting to happen—and a little turned around. I think Dad was pretty happy to see the Bichet School—and know where we were! The second reason, is because 15 years later, I had this image in a card-set that we were selling an unusual amount of to one account in Newton. On inquiry, we were told that they were all being purchased by one customer, whose husband and brother-in-law had been killed in a 1998 plane crash—just behind the school. My folks knew her. Her husband had been a friend of Dad's from the airplane business. In retrospect, the image seems foreboding.

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