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Mark Feiden
Commercial and Fine Art Photographer | Specialties: Great Plains and American west, Travel, Agriculture and Aviation

I am a Kansas City based designer, writer, and photographer, who has been producing images as part of his livelihood for more than 25 years. In 1997, I cofounded The Konza Press through which I publish books and produce fine-art prints. Our division, The Konza Art Company, provides artwork for businesses and institutions. Only more recently, have I begun to solicit outside commercial work focused on areas of special interest—plains, plainsfolk, agriculture, travel and aviation.

Though I am officially a city kid, I have spent enough time with farmers and ranchers over the years to be both comfortable and safe working in this environment. I have been around airplanes and the aviation business all of my life. It should also be noted that in my early professional career, I worked as an Art Director and Creative Director and I understand the importance of effective team work. You can learn more about me and see more examples of my work through these links: I look forward to discussing your photography or video needs. Just shoot me an email:

Thanks so much!